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Also his tail is peach in the last image

What do you think of Breezie's appearance in the comics?


I should start off by saying I don’t read the comics, I tried reading them since the reboot but frankly they haven’t grabbed me thus far. I really don’t care much for he SatAM cast even if they’ve been reduced in significance and the stories themselves are just a bit dull but not terrible, I guess I prefer Commando.

that being said I’m really not looking forward to her appearance for a number of reasons. The most significant being her design.

First off, why is she green?


Now I am perfectly aware that she was a shade of cyan originally, but in the show she was more of a darker sea green rather than the much lighter aquamarine she is in her redesign. It’s the same difference between sky blue and ultramarine, both are shades of blue but are nonetheless very distinct. That being said it’s something I can deal with, after all, classic Sonic is a much lighter blue than modern Sonic.

What I cannot overlook are the highlights; frankly, it makes her look like some donutsteel from Deviantart and really kills the character for me. It just looks rather naff. I understand they don’t like having animal characters with regular hair but in that case, why does Sally have hair? Why does Vanilla have hair? Why do other characters get a free pass on that? (besides, she’s a robot(?) she can do as she wants). Why get rid of one of Breezie’s most distinguishing features and replace it with something that looks decisively average? It’s not even as though her hair needed to go down to her waist, and as mentioned previously, those gopping highlights.

Then there’s her costume, at least it’s red I guess but those bangles look a bit too much.

Ultimately, she does not look like Breezie, at all. I had to read the cover before I knew who it was supposed to be. Say what you will about all the various designs and redesigns Sonic has gone through but at the end of the day there was no mistaking that it was Sonic. If you were to show a kid who watched AoStH in 1994 Sonic from Sonic Boom and this cover he’d certainly get Sonic, but he’d probably never guess that that green hedgehog/echindna was supposed to be Breezie.

All of that said, there is some slim hope that this may not be a final design as Evan Stanley posted this on her tumblr


Now that looks good, that’s Breezie the Hedgehog; that cute little bit of crumpet femme fatale in the red dress we know and love and she fits with the rest of the cast. She even has those little earrings she wore. What was wrong with this?

At the end of the day however I will not lose sleep over this, I don’t read the comic. However I will say this (and I am aware of how petty this is), why go to the trouble of dredging up an old character and completely change her? I doubt she’ll resemble what she was like in the cartoon and I know for some people that’s great but I liked her the way she was, and am I not the target audience for this? Little kids and let’s be honest teens do not really know or care about AoStH so why annoy old fans like me with this? Just make an original character and be done with it. What really irks me is the fact that by bringing her back we are now going to have a whole load of waifuing, porn and all that tosh brought upon a character and series which by some cosmic miracle despite all the bait it offers to the dross of the internet has somehow managed to completely ignore all the tedious shenanigans that the Sonic fandom subjects it’s characters to.

It’s just one of those little annoyances and frankly will not endear me to buy a subcription to the comic. As I said, I won’t lose sleep but if there was a chance I’d read the comic it’s not with this ugly design.


Milton Knight drawing Tails.

From Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Vol. 3.

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Milton Knight drawing Dr. Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Vol. 2


Milton Knight drawing Sonic from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Vol. 1